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A professional musician for 30+ years with 2 CDs of original music currently living in SE England UK.

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With a degree in Computer Electronics and Audio Mastering, Peter got his first beat-up acoustic guitar at the age of 8 and learned to play it through sheer will. He started his first band at age 12 and has now been a professional musician for 30+ years. Nominated for a Grammy in 2001, Pete's vocal style is similar to Jimmy Buffett jamming with Jim Morrison in a Bluesy backwoods roadhouse as he finger-picks Acoustic & Electric guitars with a generous dose of Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler. Several bands of note that Pete has been a major part of: "Buzz Walker" of Lansing, Michigan, "Peter Trappen & Co." of West Palm Beach, Florida and "The White Owls" of West Palm Beach, Florida. With 2 CDs, produced in his home studio, Peter played every note of the drums, bass, keyboards, stringed and wind instruments using Ableton Live 8, Cubase, a Roland XP50 sequencer and an Akai MPK Pro. His latest project is available through AudioSparx and Umpteen Music BMI.

As a founding member of the popular South Florida group "The White Owls" Peter has enjoyed over 30 years as a professional musician. The White Owls rocked at festivals, nightclubs, discos, private parties and charity functions from Miami to Atlanta from 1984 to 2005. This popular retro-rock band was the house band at the 264 Club in Palm Beach for many years earning a huge following and legendary status to this day. In the late 80's the Owls recorded 10 original songs at New River Studios in Fort Lauderdale under the direction and production mastery of Jeffrey Wood who had also produced the Housemartins, Luka Bloom, Giant Sand and many others.

"I grew up in Michigan infused with Motown, Punk Rock and Grand Funk. I moved to South Florida and feasted on Island Music, Jimmy Buffett and spiced shrimp for over 20 years. I am currently living in Southeast England."


'Chasing the Sky' has 6 original songs and 4 cover songs by: Van Morrison, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett and Bob Dylan. The CD was recorded and produced by Pete in his home studio in 2006-2007 and released in November of 2007. The album features guest artists on several tracks as follows: Rush & Julie Clement sing harmonies on 'You Ain't Going Nowhere", Patrick Dawdy on acoustic rhythm guitar & harmony vocals (Going My Way & Mother Natures Wine), Doug Gluckin on Saxophone & Flute (Talk To Me Lady, Mother Nature's Wine & Going My Way), Jerry Krause on keyboards & bass (Chasing the Sky & Talk To Me Lady), Patrick T. Malloy on lead guitar (Going My Way), Mike Willemin (drums and percussion (Chasing the Sky & Talk To Me Lady). All other songs were performed by Pete on lead & rhythm guitars, harmonica, bass, & sequencer keyboards. The cover photo 'Sails' was shot by Kevin Phillips. You can buy Pete's CD's at:

'Frequent Sea' was recorded in West Palm Beach Florida and released in September of 2001. 'Frequent Sea' contains 10 original songs written, performed and produced by Peter in his home studio and published through Umpteen Music BMI. This CD is SOLD OUT = if you'd like MP3 versions/samples = email Pete at:

"He has a very impressive style and great tones throughout. This is a well done CD with solid songwriting, interesting arrangements and great guitar performances."
Stacey Board - Muses
"Trappen's voice has always been his strong suit, but he shows surprising lead guitar skills in the uptempo opener, 'Roll the Dice'."
Bill Meredith: TGIF Music / Palm Beach Post
"This ensemble of songs could easily be the soundtrack for theatre, with each song setting the mood for the next. Tracks like 'Voodoo Woman' offers up returning intertwining vocal and melody trills brings to mind Dire Straits or The Police..."
Geoff Livingston: Beach Beats
"Once in a while you come across a bunch of pro's that handle everything from performance, recording, to making a decent MP3. This is it." Reviews
"... he has more than a few catchy choruses and a unique merging of styles ..."
Theodore Defosse: Splendid E-zine
"Trappen pulls off the trick of making his material sound familiar, without sounding stale. If he's got another one inside of him I'd like to hear it."
Joe Hartlaub:
"The straight-ahead rock songs, reminiscent of Clapton's solo work, are connected by a conceptual story line."
Charles Spano: All Music Guide

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  1. Bob Dylan
  2. Lennon & McCartney
  3. Bob Marley
  4. Eric Clapton
  5. Santana
  6. Jim Morrison & The Doors
  7. and many more...